“The working women’s advocate”

Massachusetts Federation of Business and Professional Women BPW/MA is a state-wide organization that strives to make a difference in the lives of working women in Massachusetts.  Here are some reasons why women join our great organization.

Networking with Movers and Shakers.  Create and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with a diverse group of women throughout the local community and state.  Establish relationships, share ideas, contacts and resources to further your personal and professional goals.

Visibility. Increase your visibility in your community through involvement in BPW/MA events — locally and statewide.  Meetings, newsletters, websites, and social media provide opportunities to showcase and promote you and your business.

Education/Career Enhancement. Participate in local and statewide programs that are designed to provide personal and professional development, growth and opportunities.  Through workshops, seminars and noted experts, our members are given opportunities to gain the skills they need to succeed and be successful.

Advocacy. Through our Legislative Committee you will stay informed of legislation bills at the state and national levels and participate in lobby day and equal pay rallies.

Leadership. Develop leadership skills at the local and state levels with mentors to help you along the way.  Take advantage of the career building opportunities that our BPW/MA membership provides by participating in volunteer opportunities that match your professional goals or strengthen your existing skills.  Become a recognized leader by getting involved in programs that benefit your local community.

Friendship. Being a part of BPW/MA has a variety of rewards but one of the most valuable rewards is the lasting and meaningful friendships that are formed.  While engaging in the many activities and programs, you will develop supportive friendships as well as significant business relationships.

As a leading advocate for working women, BPW/MA proudly includes women and men in all careers and professions. We also welcome student members still attending college.

Who joins BPW? 

BPW/MA  members are working women seeking to advance their career goals, earn higher salaries, build stronger business, achieve pay equity and equal opportunities, and establish rewarding careers.

Membership in BPW brings many rewards but the most lasting and meaningful are the lifelong friendships.  Through participation in the BPW activities and programs, you will form supportive friendships as well as important business relationships.  There is nothing quite like the feeling you get in a roomful of powerful women all focused and energized on current issues and a common cause.

Whether it is laughing together, working together, or lobbying together, BPW members know how to have fun and to get the job done!

Membership Brochure

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