Advocacy Activities

BPW/MA activities include those in support of our vision and mission.  Each year a legislative platform is adopted (see below).  In addition, members participate in other activities such as Equal Pay Day.

The next Equal Pay Day is Tuesday, April 12, 2016- Where’s my 23 cents?  For more information go to  Equal pay is sure to be a key issue of the 2016 Presidential election.

Equal Pay Day symbolizes the pay gap between men and women.  It is a Tuesday as that is the day of the week when women’s wages catch up to what a man made the prior work week. Also, the day takes place in April as this is the time of the year when women’s wages catch up to a man’s prior calendar year wages.  

BPW members recognize the day by holding events to educate those of the continuing pay gap.

Legislative Platform

The Massachusetts Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. Supports Legislation and Education for:

Ensure equal rights for all women at all phases of their lives. Support affirmative action. Eliminate sexual harassment, violence against all women, human trafficking and all forms of discrimination against women and children. Lobby for legislation and program funding related to civil rights including those affecting women and children.

Advocate and support full access to all services and education in the areas of reproductive health, family planning and aging. Lobby for legislation and program funding ensuring the protection of health care affecting women of all ages.  

Ensure pay equity and equal educational and economic opportunities for all women. Promote measures that ensure family work/life balance. Promote affordable, quality dependent care, and housing to help ensure economic self-sufficiency for all women. Lobby for legislation and program funding ensuring economic equity including paid sick days, elder care, and pension and social security improvements.

Concentrate efforts to support bills on each of the above issues; conduct effective and focused lobbying by our members in influencing enactment of such legislation; and monitor proposals that impact our Legislative Platform.